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If you’re a homeowner in Tyler, TX planning to improve your backyard, then you’re probably considering the addition of custom patios or decks. Both choices are popular because they build a surface for outdoor seating and entertainment that can be used for relaxing with your family or entertaining guests. On top of improving the functionality of your backyard, a patio or deck also adds value to your property. Deciding between a patio or deck is where you find yourself stuck! Many of the clients of Arteaga's Work come to them with the question of which is a better option for their property. I encourage you to pick a patio over a deck because they’re a better option. I install both patios and decks all year long, but a patio gives you more bang for your money. Below are 3 of the reasons a patio is better than a deck!

Custom Patios in Tyler, TX

Expend the functional area

Other flowers and plants can’t withstand direct sunlight, leaving you with the option of growing such plants in the shade. By adding a patio to your property, you can put your plants and flowers near your house and give them sun partially or no sun at all. Your patio changes a dull outdoor area into an area full of noisy and energetic activity or a rejuvenating space. One of the best patios will take your existing design into factor and create an appealing extension that will fit your current landscape or layout.

Reliable Custom Patios in Tyler, TX

Increase the overall value

Outdoor living areas are characterized by both entertaining and kitchen areas, and picking my custom patios is a cheaper alternative to installing a raised deck. Installing an outdoor patio efficiently adds a whole room, increasing the value of your property significantly without going over your budget. 98% of buyers and homeowners want a terrace, patio, or deck – the only remodeling project more valuable than adding outdoor areas are foundation repairs and repairing broken systems.

Dependable Custom Patios in Tyler, TX

Entertaining your guests

Entertaining your guests is probably the best benefit you can get from adding a patio to your property. During any time of the year, you can have a barbecue party. In addition to not being affected by the changing weather, the extra area provided by the patio allows you to accommodate a huge number of guests. It also works well if you have outdoor pools. Entertainment is the main reason people add a patio to their homes. Installing outdoor furniture and lounging chairs can make it the best place for entertainment.

Transform your space with our Custom Patios!

Arteaga's Work is the company you need for custom patios! For Tyler, TX homeowners who need my assistance, you should call me at (903) 213-2606 for more information on my products and services.

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